Monday, July 27, 2009

Life and Death

I guess that's a pretty ambitious title for a silly little blog. I often bite off more than I can chew.

I was thinking the other day that I have been very fortunate. I have a lot of four legged friends. Their lives are so much shorter than ours and I have not lost very many of them so far. I know that will change.

Someone commented that children who become very close to dogs may get their hearts broken when the dog dies. I expect they will. (Adults too.) This person felt that maybe it would be better for the child to have a lesser relationship with the dogs so they are not hurt. I am tired of that kind of thinking about pets and love and life in general!

Every one of us will die some day. My clients often begin an estate tax conversation by saying, "If I die..." Evil person that I am, I always correct them. "When you die..." I think we all need to face death more honestly. I don't want to sit around thinking about it all the time, but I think we could be a healthier society if we were less terrified of growing old and dying. I believe that one of the millions of things our four legged friends teach us is that death is part of the deal. I am willing to have my heart broken any number of times if it means that I can love and be loved by dogs and people.

Stepping down from my soap box. My friend Tootsie died recently. She was a few months younger than Jazz. They had been linked in my mind because I first began noticing Beth and Tootsie at the same time Jazz and I began training and competing in Rally and Agility. The two dogs were of a similar size, so it seemed for a while that it was either Jazz on the line and Tootsie on deck or the other way around. Neither dog started their career as a star, but I know Tootsie was loved for her gentle soul and her extreme good looks.

I just wanted to say goodbye.

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  1. Thanks for remembering Tootsie. She and Jazz were kindred spirits and spent many enjoyable weekends together. Sometimes NQ'ing CAN be lots of fun.

    Thank you for the memories. This has not been easy.