Thursday, October 15, 2009

Handler Error

Last weekend we competed in a NADAC agility trial at the Quad City Dog Center. Three of our friends were competing in their first agility trial and it was so much fun to watch. Gary and Lola competed at four inches. Lola is so much fun to watch. She seems to scamper instead of run and is so cute. She did a great job and so did Gary. Next tallest were Kenzie and Joe. Poor Joe had an injured leg and I was afraid he not going to make it, but he did a great job. Kenzie was spectacular. She is so fast, incredibly focused and cute as a button. The tallest of our new agility dogs was DeeDee. Peggy and DeeDee actually got an "ooh" from the crowd when she walked past four obstacles before she turned to DeeDee and asked her to start. Pretty long lead for a novice dog. DeeDee soon showed everyone why the lead is so long - she runs like a bullet. She did a great job and she is so very fast. All three novice dogs were great and I think all three handlers are hooked. It is a great sport.

Jazz and I had another odd weekend. Jazz ran faster Saturday than I have ever seen him run. We didn't qualify because he was too fast. There is no middle ground for us. He started his run and left me in the dust. His usual gait is a goofy, easy gallop. Saturday I was so far behind him that all I could do was run and hope! I could hear Jayne thinking "Run Kathy Run!" The best part of Saturday for me was a 5.22 yards per second jumpers run. We dropped a bar so it didn't qualify, but our normal run time for jumpers is about 3.8 yards per second. The judge told me that she has never seen a Samoyed run that fast. There may be hope for us after all.

Sunday was a slower day. He was a little tired and maybe even a little stiff. It's been a while since we ran NADAC. Six runs a day is a lot of work for him. The real problem on Sunday was his handler. I don't know what was wrong with me. Maybe I stayed up too late watching the Hawks win. I got lost three courses in a row! That is a record for me - maybe a world record for stupid handling. The low point of my trial was when Jazz got so disgusted with me that he went to the judge to complain. I got lost and confused and he started to bark. I think he looked around that ring and saw the judge. She looked like she knew what was going on and so he went over and barked at her. I could almost hear him complaining about his sad life and telling her how well he could run if he had a little direction. I finally got him to come to me and finish the run.

The high point of the trial for us was the last two runs on Sunday. We did a smooth tunnelers run and qualified. The last run of the day was a very nice jumpers run. We finished with six seconds to spare. There is nothing like a qualifying run to brighten my weekend.

Yeah for novice dogs, picking up speed and qualifying runs!

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