Friday, October 23, 2009

Just Like Christmas Eve

Remember the Christmas Eve feeling you used to get? That amazing excitement? Wondering what you will get until you can hardly sleep? I feel like that tonight. Tomorrow morning I am going to drive to St Paul, Minnesota to pick out and pick up my new puppy! I have been seeing pictures and videos of the six puppy dogs for the last ten weeks. I visited them once when they were just four weeks old, but they didn't have much personality then. Tomorrow I will choose, with the help of the breeder and my friend Betsy.

I think it might be hard to choose. I didn't choose Jazz, the breeder chose him for me, so I am a little curious about how it will feel to choose one. I am certain that any puppy I get will be perfect. I just hope he's healthy. Here is the entire group a few weeks ago so you can see how hard choosing might be.

I need to confess that I am not a big fan of puppies. I love other people's puppies, but the prospect of raising a puppy is a little daunting. They are so much trouble at the start. Jazz is so easy to live with these days. He has the run of the house and yard. He doesn't have "accidents" in the house. He doesn't chew up my stuff. He even walks fairly nicely on a leash. I think I will appreciate him a lot in the next few weeks and months. I hope he will appreciate his little brother.

I just have to concentrate on one hurdle at a time. The first is four hours in the car with a puppy. Maybe I should bring ear plugs.


  1. Give us some PUPPY pictures already!!! What are you waiting for!!