Monday, October 26, 2009


He is here. He is the puppy formerly known as Yellow/Orange and his name is Tundra Ice's Put Me In Coach. Call name Coach. (No - I do not think he should be called Player or Coachee. We know who is the pack leader. ME.) He is all things wonderful and a few things annoying. I think you all know what I mean.

He came complete with a cold and coccidia. The coccidia is under control and not a problem The cold is in transition. It would be funny if it weren't messy. He snorkles and sneezes up snot like a small child. He is much better today than yesterday and the vet who examined him Sunday was thrilled with him. He told me that the puppy behaved as if he had been with me for at least a month. Yippee! I learned so much from all of my friends, including big brother Jazz.

He has been such a good boy so far. He sleeps quietly in his crate all night. He plays and cuddles and naps in nice proportions. Jazz was the first puppy I ever raised. I had no idea how difficult he was, or maybe how easy Coach is. Jazz screamed, threw tantrums, didn't care if he was petted, and was sick for the first two years of his life. Coach loves to be petted and cuddled quietly in my lap for the entire four and one half hour car trip home. He hopped out at rest stops and pounced leaves until he had to pee. Then back in the car and happily settled down. Wow!

He is a real problem solver. He has learned to sit, and he looks at me when I say his name. He comes when he is called. (That is an amazing experience for me.) He has been watching Jazz come and go through the dog door and he is the most patient little guy. First he tried to follow Jazz and got smacked in the nose by the plastic flap. No tantrums and not discouraged - he just sat there and considered that for a while. The next time Jazz went out he ran over and threw himself against the door barking. I really thought that would work, but he jumped too high and hit the door instead of the flap. He sat and thought things over some more. Recently, he touched the flap with his nose. By Jove, I think he's onto something! I could be nice and help him out, but I'm OK with him trapped in the house for a while. Besides, it is really fun to watch him puzzle this out. Again - Jazz had no patience. If he didn't get it the first time he had a fit. It's fun to see such a different learning style. (Also nice not to have to deal with tantrums and total impatience.)

Jazz and Coach are very similar in one area. Both were raised in puppy kennels and needed to be potty trained. (I hate the phrase "house broken." We have enough breakage without breaking the dog. The lamp is the first casualty, but is convalescing nicely.) I keep telling people, first picture me hugging my new puppy and smiling with joy. Then picture me in grubby sweat pants following him around with an enormous roll of paper towels and a spray bottle of bleach solution. So much pee, so little time. He is doing much better today. Maybe it's me that's doing better. Either way, we have only had two small puddles in the house today. Progress is being made. Poor guy, he really had no idea what he was supposed to do.

I was really excited to get a puppy and really nervous about wrecking my lovely life. So far - he is not really causing me too much grief. I am cautiously optimistic. We have a long way to go and I am positive that some of it will be more difficult than a little pee in the living room. So here we go again - hope you all get a chance to meet him soon. He is the next generation of agility boy at my house!


  1. He is lovely and sounds like the two of you are having a wonderful time getting to know each other. Enjoy the puppy moments, they fly by so fast.

  2. He is so CUTE!!!! Good color choice!! LOL Pick him up while you can!! Can't wait to SQUEEZE him!

  3. LOL - he is adorable!!! I am soooooo glad Vinnie is getting past the puppyish stuff. I feel your pain!!