Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Agility Weekend - the Good and the Bad

Last weekend was a real roller coaster of good and bad. Jazz and I competed in AKC agility at Muscatine. I didn't really enjoy Saturday at all. I'm not sure why, but it was just a down day. The crating was nice, the facility was nice, and there were real live sheep. Jazz was very happy about the sheep and not so excited about agility. I did every single thing I was not supposed to do. I was too loud, my voice was too high, and I really didn't feel like Jazz and I connected at all. We had terrible runs and I was really feeling like a fool. It was late and dark when we left the trial.

I was driving home and was only about ten minutes from the facility when I suddenly went blind! One minute I was driving along and the next minute the whole world was a blur. It was terrifying. I grabbed at my glasses and there was nothing there. I was so disoriented and confused. I managed to pull over to the side of the road and calm down enough to realize that my glasses had broken. The lenses are tied in with a piece of nylon fishing line. The line broke and the left lens fell out. I tried to tie it in with dental floss, I tried to tape it in with moleskin, and I tried to see if I could drive with my left eye closed. None of these clever plans worked. I thought about calling my daughter to come and drive me home, but what to do about the car? I finally hit on a brilliant plan. I held the left lens in front of my left eye with my left hand. I did this for one hour while I drove home. My left arm cramped, every bump caused my glasses to bounce around in my hand, and it was an altogether miserable experience. When I got home I realized that I have a pair of computer glasses that I can see out of. I don't know why I didn't think of this and have my daughter bring me the computer glasses. Just not my best day.

I almost stayed home on Sunday, but I decided to put on my computer glasses and give it another try. I'm no cream puff! I can rise above adversity! I went to Muscatine. I reminded myself to lower my voice and be calm. Jazz and I went into the standard ring with high hopes. We were a team. We had a really nice qualifying run going. The last three obstacles were in a straight line - weave poles, teeter and jump. We were headed for the weave poles when Jazz stopped. He started sniffing around and I knew what he was thinking. I said no and tried to get him to move. He squatted.... you know the rest. So much for a quick come back! My only saving grace was that I had a bag in my pocket. I was so disappointed. The last run of the day was jumpers and we ran smoothly and together. Jazz did the weave poles first try and all the way through. We finished with six seconds to spare. It was a clean run. I have no idea how we could end up with a qualifying run after such a lousy weekend, but we did. I guess that's why I keep coming back - anything is possible!

We are entered in NADAC agility this coming weekend and I can only hope we have a little more happy and a little less drama. We are bringing the puppy on Saturday. He tends to generate a little drama everywhere he goes. Uh Oh.


  1. That would totally freak me out!! Good luck at the NADAC trial!

  2. There are always good and bad weekends - this weekend is sure to be a great one!!! See ya there!

  3. OMG!! Kathy, you should have just let Jazz drive! He would have been fine as long as you had him on a leash. Coach will have a lot of fun this weekend. What a nice social opportunity for him! You'll do GREAT!! Here's an idea. Use an index card and write down things you need to remember. Like talk softly, smooth cues, confident handler, trust your dog, etc. Then look at the card several times a day to remind you what you should be doing. (Do NOT pull the card out while your running your dog!!) Good luck, but most of all....HAVE FUN!!

  4. I've had eyeglasses like that - they fall out ALL the time, and they're impossible to put back in. All the times that they've fallen out, I've never been able to fix them myself, I always had to take them back to the optometrist. Such a pain!

    Good luck at the NADAC trial!