Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Honeymoon is Over

I am a little relieved to see that Coach is not the "perfect" puppy. I would love to see a perfect puppy. Maybe I would even love to have one, but maybe not. Coach has given me "the paw" when I called him, peed and pooped in the house, chewed a rug and then waited until my back was turned to chew it again, and yelped for 25 minutes in his crate at bedtime. Now I know that Jazz was not psycho dog and Coach is not perfect puppy.

This phase of our relationship is actually making me laugh a lot. I finally gave him a hint about the dog door. I will include a film of his early trips in and out. He now blasts through with toys in his mouth and no hesitation. I thought this might make potty training go better. It is helping. I have been standing in cold and rain for a week waiting to reward peeing and pooping. This morning, he interrupted his breakfast to race out the dog door and poop in the yard. Then he ran back inside and finished his breakfast. I was totally flabbergasted and laughed for five minutes!

This afternoon he managed to steal Jazz's favorite toy and tried to come racing inside with it. Unfortunately, the toy in question is really big and the puppy and the toy were stuck in the door. I rescued him and Jazz gave him the funniest look as Jazz walked away with the toy. Again - I laughed a lot.

He will not sleep in the bedroom in the small crate. He sleeps for a full eight hours in a large wire crate in the living room. Whatever works is fine with me. He doesn't make any noise when he wakes up. Jazz comes in to the bedroom and whacks his chin on the bed until I wake up and get the puppy up. That is very sweet and a little strange. The part where Jazz comes over and pokes me to tell me that the puppy is chewing up the rug is helpful, but less brotherly. (Actually - it's very much like my sister did to me at times.) They are beginning to play together. Jazz gets excited and they start to play. Then it seems as though he realizes what he's doing and looks a little embarrassed to be caught playing with Coach. I guess progress is being made.

I think the most fundamental difference between Coach and Jazz is me. I am not nervous about him. Jazz was so sick for so long, that I was always worrying about his health. He couldn't go places or do things for months. Coach is healthy and getting out. I felt guilty about putting Jazz in a crate or leaving him alone. I wasn't sure what to teach him or how. Coach can go in a crate when I want him to and he really doesn't mind. I have a plan for what I want him to learn and how I want to teach it. Hopefully, I will figure out the more advanced exercises on Jazz before Coach gets there. The attention class that Jazz and I took has made a huge difference in how I am training recalls and heeling. My agility friends have helped me learn to let the puppy chase me and tug with me. He is doing very well at those things also. So Jazz is a great dog who didn't have a very good trainer. Coach is a great dog who will have a little better trainer. I guess we'll see how it goes.


  1. LOL - I love the video - VERY funny!

  2. The video is adorable! What a clever boy.

    Jamie tattled on Phoenix whenever he was eating my house, too, just like Jazz. It was very helpful!

  3. OMG Kathy!! He is LOL CUTE!!!! I'm so glad he's NOT the perfect puppy! That would make your journey together so BORING!!! G Sounds like all 3 of you are doing GREAT!!!!