Sunday, November 8, 2009

Oh Those Ears!

Hi - my name is Coach and I have floppy ears. Hi Coach - we feel your pain.

I wonder if there is a support group for dogs whose ears will not stand up. I did some research on the Internet and it seems that there should be a support group. There are suggestions, questions, pictures, and general agonizing over the state of dogs' ears. Will they stand up, will they bend properly at the tips, will they stay up or wilt during teething, if they wilt will they rebound, and how can we change whatever they do so that they do what we want them to do.

I swore that I would not torture my puppy about ears. I said it was silly and unnecessary. I said that before I had a floppy eared Samoyed. Here is how I handled his floppy ears:

I am embarrassed by how easily I gave in and taped his ears. He hated it and messed with his poor ears every day they were taped.

I would like him to have typical Samoyed ears and have noticed that gravity is his friend. Here he is with a little bit of help from gravity:

This is when gravity really grabs his ears:

The worst part is that I did that to him and I think his ears are floppier after they were taped than before! After the taping:

(He just came in the house and chased his tail for a minute, then went back out the dog door. Huh!?) I love this funny puppy and friends point out that I will be able to tell which Sammy is which by the ears. That's a benefit. Jazz likes him just the way he is. So do I. Floppy ears and all.


  1. LOL - he is so cute and funny. Don't worry about those ears - they'll be fine!!

  2. Hey, I know just how you feel! I have a six month old Sheltie puppy with a tail that goes where no Sheltie tail should ever be! I agonized over his high tail (I've always hated gay tails) for the first few months, and I still sometimes wince when I see the tip touching his back. But he's a wonderful puppy, and now maybe I can just neuter him in another year and he'll be an even better obedience dog!
    Your puppy is darling. And you have a much better chance of his ears going up than I have of my puppy's tail going down!
    Amy Aitken

  3. Phoenix's ears were ALL OVER the place until his teeth quit falling out and coming in. Can you imagine a flop-eared malinois? He had a new look every day.

    Bet Coach will be defying gravity soon.

  4. Coach...did his ears ever come up...we have the same issue...exactly....after taping them.

    1. They did come up. His right ear is a little soft and occassionally will droop a little when he runs, but otherwise his ears are fine Sammie ears. I think they would have been fine without the tape.
      Good luck