Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Puppies - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - Part II

There are some bad things about having a puppy. At least there are bad things about having my puppy.

That was a temper tantrum. It was a fairly mild tantrum, but when he has a bad one I can't hold the camera. He starts leaping at me and batting at me and screeching at the top of his lungs. Please don't tell me to ignore it! I do that. I timed him. He can yelp at the top of his lungs for 40 minutes! No kidding! It makes my ears ring and my head ache. The worst part is that he starts this and Jazz goes outside. That means that he gets rewarded for this behavior. He hollers and Jazz stops doing whatever it is that Coach doesn't like and leaves. Coach wins. He does seem to be outgrowing this and we are working on impulse control.

He also yelps like this in his crate. Those of you who were unfortunate enough to witness a sample of this screeching during puppy class can vouch for me. It really is ugly! That was caused by the foolish idea that Coach should sit quietly in a crate. He is not very interested in sitting in a crate when there are exciting things going on outside the crate. Crate covers do not seem to help. I have had to resort to a tarp over the crate. He tried to eat the sheet that I was using. When he starts that screaming at 3:30AM it really hurts. Jazz climbs in my bed and hides his head under my body. This whole yelling and screaming thing is very bad. Very, very bad.

There are other bad things about having a puppy. They destroy things. I keep thinking I am watching him every minute. I am wrong. I no longer have toilet paper in the holder in the bathroom. I swear I would look away for one second and Coach would grab one end and unroll the whole thing before I could turn around and say "leave it." I finally gave up and put the toilet paper on the counter. I have also lost a comforter. I was getting dressed and I thought he was sitting on the floor. Again I was wrong. He was happily unstuffing my comforter. Luckily, I didn't like it that much. I am missing one hand knitted blue sock. I'm pretty sure he took it. If you see it - please try to keep him from eating it. The sock is probably ruined, but I hate to pay the vet bills if he eats the darn thing!

Finally there is the general mess, chaos and smell of puppy. Yes - I love puppy breath, but after puppy breath is other stuff. I don't know what he gets into. OK - sometimes I do know what he gets into. Either way - he often smells less than sweet. He breaks things, eats things, barks, runs around, leaps on the furniture... you get the picture. I am slowly gaining control of the puppy and regaining my life. I often get to sleep all night now. Maybe next week I can try putting the toilet paper back on the holder. Maybe I'll wait a while.


  1. LOL The toilet paper at our house lives IN a bathroom cupboard. It has lived there for 3 years. Phoenix is 3 years old. Coincidence? I think not.

    Hang in there. Buy a new comforter. Knit a new sock. Keep smiling. Keep laughing. Keep writing. Hug Coach. Keep him busy and tired. If you ever see him sleeping, wake him up NOW! (Another lesson from Phoenix.)

  2. LOL - what she said!!! I don't think my toilet paper would survive a second with Vinnie!!

  3. Toilet paper stories, oh my. In the old days when Brendan and I had two male dogs (Mickey and Donald), whenever we'd come home after both being out, we would find the toilet paper pulled out exactly to the bathroom door, where the linoleum met the hallway carpet. We finally caught Donald in the act -- lying on the comfy carpet and keeping the toilet paper pulled out just far enough to reach.

  4. He sounds like his cousin Denali. The behavior is the same. He also reminds me of his mother. I guess this is genetic