Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Puppies - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - Part III

This is it, the final chapter in my personal puppy ponderings. This one is really ugly. I will not be including any pictures. Those of you with weak stomachs or delicate sensibilities had better skip this one. Actually - those of you that have weak stomachs might reconsider the whole puppy experience.

The ugly part about puppies is mostly related to their eating habits. Puppies will eat anything - twice. What goes in a puppy usually comes back out. When it fails to come out, you pay a huge vet bill. I have so far avoided the vet bill, but it's still a possibility.

Here is the ugliest example so far. Coach and Jazz were playing in the back yard when I heard him yelp. I ran to see what was wrong and he was chewing a piece of string. He came in when I called him - some progress has been made in the training arena! There was about an inch of green yarn (or something that looked a little like yarn) hanging out of his mouth. I went into Mommy mode and took hold of the end to get it out of his mouth. (We don't want the sweet little guy swallowing string, now do we?) I gave a little tug and he gagged very loudly. About six feet (that's right folks - I said feet) of green string came out of his mouth. I was horrified, but undeterred. I gave another little tug. He screamed and I met with considerable resistance at the end of the string. (I really don't want to imagine where the other end of that string was.) I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut the string off. EEEEEWWWWWW! I then had to watch him swallow the remainder of the string. I don't have a real strong gag reflex, but that was nasty. I decided that the only recourse was to try to "shove" the string out the other end. I fed him a great big dinner. Then we began the waiting game. He went outside that evening and again in the morning, but nothing unexpected came out. I left him playing outside with his brother while I took a shower. (They always wait until you're nice and clean to do something messy and disgusting.) I got out of the shower as Coach came galloping into the bathroom with Jazz a respectful distance behind him. He looked a little strange so I put on my glasses. You guessed it - the remaining yarn. About five more feet of yarn with various unpleasant decorations was dragging behind my lovely puppy. I did the expected thing and pulled. YUCK! I have not seen any more yarn going in or coming out since then. I hope never to repeat that experience. The final part of this story is that Jazz and Coach spent the next five minutes watching Coach's back end as if it might present them with more entertainment. Lucky for me they were disappointed.

I have more examples, but I think you get the picture. I learned this little lesson only this morning. If you see something unusual on the floor, don't get too close to it without a gas mask and a plastic bag. I think the dogs have different priorities than I do.

You really have to love them though. Otherwise - why on earth would anyone want a puppy?

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  1. Love it! Although he is a dang smart, fun puppy, who hopefully will one day be less when he's 5.