Sunday, February 14, 2010

Interactive Dog Toys

I think my dogs are pretty smart. I could be wrong, but what is the deal with these interactive dog toys? Coach is driving himself and everyone else crazy, so I bought some of those toys. I agonized over how I could give him one of the toys and use the canned ID food that he is supposed to eat. (Yes, I have been stuffing a Kong with about 1/4 of his meals.) Anyway, I have been so careful to follow the vet's instructions, but I broke down and put eight pieces of kibble in one of those purple dumbbell things. I really worried about the stupid eight kibble pieces! I shouldn't have worried - there is no way that poor puppy can get the kibble out of the thing! He rolled it around a while and he could smell and hear the kibble inside. He chewed a few times and I turned around to work at the computer. I could hear him contentedly chewing on something and turned to smile lovingly at how smart I was to give him this great toy. He was chewing on the litter box! The toy was sitting untouched in the crate.

Phase two of my attempt to figure this out. I gave the dumbbell thing to Jazz. He has been down this road a time or two and he is not that easily duped. He sniffed it once, picked it up and dropped it, looked at me with total disdain and walked away. I shook it and tried to entice him. He got on the couch, closed one eye, (needed to keep the other eye open in case I went really nuts,) and ignored me.

Phase three - I tried to get the kibble out of there so it wouldn't lay around on the living room floor and rot. I stuck my finger in there and tried to pry it out. I tipped it up and tried to stomp on the end to squish it enough to get the kibble out. I used a shish kabob skewer and stuck it in the side holes. No luck. Now the stinking thing is laying around the house with eight little kibbles stuck inside of it! Dear heaven, what is wrong with me? I can't work the miserable thing. It was meant for dogs who are surely not any smarter than I am? Maybe a little smarter, but good grief!

There was some entertainment value though. Both dogs sat quietly watching me try to get the kibble out. Coach was completely quiet and totally fascinated. I guess watching me sweat, stomp, swear and shake that purple dumbbell from hell was just the ticket. My daughter's dog has proven to be smarter than me or my dogs, he just rips the thing apart. I may get out the hack saw later and see what I can do.


  1. Too funny. Maybe you should have stuffed some roast beef in there instead? Phoenix LOVES toys like that, he could come and show your guys how to make them work. Have you ever tried a Buster Cube?

  2. Don't worry about the kibble - it won't rot! I've found kibble cached by my cat that has to be over 10 years old, and it looks the same as it did coming out of the bag. (ewwww)

  3. We have the Dental Kong around here and it's emptied in 10-30 minutes - depending on how hard I cram stuff in it or how big a dog gets it.

  4. Orbit goes absolutely nuts over a Buster Cube. She cannot stop until every last piece of kibble is spilled out and consumed.

    Kathy, I have some canned I/D that I'm not going to have to use and would be happy to give you. Let me know if you want it (3 cans).