Monday, March 22, 2010

The "Dog Yard"

This is the time of year that tests the mettle of any good accountant, but I found a little time to tend to the "dog yard."

As I reported earlier, Coach ate a stuffed toy and required surgery. That in turn required some major cleaning up of the dog play area. I wanted to be sure there were no more toys he could swallow. Unfortunately, that was when the yard had about four inches of frozen snow/ice on the ground. I did what I could, but some toys were not ready for the indoor life.

I could hear his little hedgehog voice saying, "Help me, oh please help me."

After I got rid of anything that might obstruct Coach's colon I was forced to get rid of the now visible evidence that his colon was again working very well. YUCK - what a way to spend my only day off.

Lately I have been able to enjoy a little quality time in the yard with the dogs. Yesterday Coach gave me a toy that appears to date back to the beginning of time.

It's either a rope toy or a very creative moss garden. I thought it was so pretty I was trying to figure out how to keep it. Then I got a look at what that moss looks like all over a puppy's teeth. Oh no - I don't think that will do at all.

Soon it will be April 15th and I will be a free woman again. Give your accountants a break and get those taxes in NOW.