Wednesday, September 22, 2010

True Confessions

I sincerely hope my vet does not read this blog.  If she does - please forgive me - I am desperate!

The latest health crisis at my house is ringworm.  (EEEWWW.  Not a worm, just a fungus.)  Coach has this obnoxious fungus and it has come to rest in a very delicate part of his anatomy.  I might have noticed this except for two things - I never look at "the boys" and I really have no idea what they're supposed to look like.  Don't get me wrong - in general I know what they look like, but who knew they weren't supposed to have pink on them?  Maybe they are and this is just the wrong kind of pink? Anyway - now that the problem has been discovered we are taking corrective measures.

My vet is a wonderful, knowledgeable person and I trust her completely.  The remedy for this miserable fungus is a medicated shampoo.  I am supposed to shampoo the offending area and about 6 inches around it with this shampoo.  Here is the kicker - twice a day for a week, once a day for another 2 weeks and every other day for a month.  I need to wear rubber gloves, clean carefully or throw away any utensils and generally be careful not to get ringworm or pass it along to Jazz. This is not something Coach enjoys.  I am stiff in so many places from puppy wrangling.  I am also surprised by how hard it is to actually get a good angle on his little friends.  Believe me when I tell you this whole process is miserable and time consuming.

So here comes the true confessions part.  I have a groomer who is my friend.  I trust her and she has a great deal of experience with all kinds of dog related skin issues.  She recommended I might try using oil of oregano to cure the ringworm.  I did some internet research and it sounded promising.  I do not have the courage to call my vet and ask her about this.  I decided to compromise.  I will try the oil in the morning and use the shampoo in the evening.  If it doesn't appear to be clearing up I will go back to strictly shampoo.

The thing about this oil is that it burns a little.  I decided to be safe and test it on myself first.  I tried it on the inside of my thigh and it does burn.  It feels a little bit like extreme nettles.  I diluted it a little and applied it to Coach's ... well you get the idea.  First he looked startled and tried to lick it.  Based on his reaction, it also burns in the mouth.  He stood up and looked at his behind a few times and then started trotting around.  He tucked his tail, flattened his ears and dashed out the dog door into the back yard.  Jazz was sleeping by the dog door and seemed to lift one eyebrow and think "hmmm?"  Two seconds later, poor Coach dashed back through the dog door still moving in a fairly urgent manner.  Jazz jumped up and trotted over to Coach.  They touched noses and Jazz immediately noticed a strong scent from the other end of Coach.  I swear the poor puppy smells like pizza now!  Strong pizza, but pizza nevertheless.  Jazz was very surprised and showed considerable interest.  By then the stinging must have subsided and Coach settled down.

That whole performance lasted less than five minutes.  About ten minutes later I looked over and both Jazz and Coach were examining his balls with complete fascination.  I still think it was the smell of pizza that had them confounded.  My daily routine now involves walking, stretching Jazz's thigh, doing sit stands with Jazz, putting stinging oil on Coach's boys, working, walking/running the dogs, washing Coach's guys with medicated shampoo and drying with a hair dryer, doing more stretches and sit stands with Jazz, collapsing in a heap!  Nobody should have this much fun.  Oh well - the dogs are worth it, the exercise is good for me and life at our house is never dull.

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  1. LMAO!

    You are such a good dog mom and your boys are lucky to have you, whether they know it or not.

    A few years back, Jamie had a fungus on his muzzle (cat fungus, long story). I did the shampooing thing every day, too. Much easier to wash his head than the other end.

    I'll think of you the next time I order a pizza.